New BOCpodcast ep! with Comedian Iris Benson


(bocpodcast) Comedian Iris Benson gets in the bag! We talk hell gigs, the artistic process aka “the grind,’ plus a lil bit of actual bump and grind. She made Dom laugh so hard, Dom almost spit all over her microphone. Plus, a riveting discussion about Ayn Rand between 3 people who have never actually read an Ayn Rand book! We are huge dumbs. Get silly and stupid witcha fave *unts.

About that #unt!

Iris Benson has, mostly accomplished nothing. She is a comedian because no other profession will have her. Since her comedy debut in 2011 she’s garnered such praise as “Bleak and honest ”, “… dark” and “… weird” by no one that you’ve heard of. She’s performed all over the west coast and midwest

Comedian/Fashion Tastemaker Nicole Calasich

Not a lot of things happening with Riffer’s Delight at @drafthousesf cause tonight’s show is canceled. So enjoy this photo of me doing standup instead where a lot of things are happening with my outfit. 📷: Alex Hooper

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If you’ve never seen @nicoleccomedy, do yourself a favor and change that immediately. She’s a gem.

New BOCpodcast ep! with News Producer Leila Harmon



This ain’t fake news, girl. We interview professional newsbreaker aka Bay Area news producer of 17 years Leila Harmon. Leila talks the glory and the grind of being a morning news producer(yowch! those hours), Kid Rock (yep…), Filipino fam, busting up the boys club, what it’s like to report tragedies like Ghostship, and news media in the age of Betsy DeVos. We cover a lot of ground this episode, but not half as much as Leila has covered on the whole damn Bay. Get in the bag!


About the #unts!

Leila Harmon is a community activist and former television news producer who worked in medium to major markets for nearly 20 years.
She is also a first generation Filipina American who was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. She began her news career in Michigan before moving to San Francisco with her comedian husband Drew in 2007.
Leila also enjoys travel, food and fashion/beauty and documents her experiences on her web site You can find links to her other social media accounts there.