Arguably Meaningless List of Shit I Enjoyed in 2015

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To all women, never be ashamed of –

itsallaboutdemigods: ● Periods ● your body ● sexual orientation ● breastfeeding ● your curves ● being skinny ● being chubby ● flaunting your body ● going to parties ● doing what you want ● wearing makeup ● not wearing makeup ● dressing as you feel comfortable ● having short hair

Hey emily, i was wondering what mite qualify for seeing a therapist? Ive been thinking about seeing one, but i dont want to feel like im jumping the gun on dealing with personal issues. I feel like its a weak option to take when there are others out there dealing with far worse problems than me.

emilyvgordon: My goodness, I’m so glad you wrote.  If you want to see a therapist for any reason, you qualify. Seeing a therapist is never a “weak option”, even if you aren’t in crisis. Being in therapy when you’re not in crisis is a combination of a massage for your personality