Had a hella fun week working at the Punch. A lot of time in the green room lets ya know how lucky we are to have the incredible staff and bookers we do in #SF (aka comics are chismosa af). Thank you Johnny, Mel, Chip, Kyle, Lauren, Mary, Molly, and everyone who makes our club so dope.

S/o to @marcellacomedy @justinmartindale & @jessimaepeluso who are all on ? rn.

Hosting tonight’s local showcase at 8. The fresh meat’s getting good, come thru.

Now enjoy this photo of Chip embarrassing himself on my behalf #thumbsup #comedy #sf #jokelife (at Punchline Comedy Club)

Got it in Writing

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, mah girl @adriennelobl has a “Paint Yo Dick” watercolor postcard special for you to send a special, sentimental dickpic gift to your beloved. Also available “Paint Yo Vag” (direct quote from artist “I like Vag”). This is a terrific opportunity to have your junk immortalized like we’ve all dreamed. $25 per dong/$20 for vag cause we all about that Galentine’s love.

This is a good time to mention Adrienne and I are starting a web comic soon. Stay tuned.

Contact adriennelobl@gmail.com for more info

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The Ultimate DickPics